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We are happy to see you here today 🙂 Our August challenge theme is FIVE SENSES. You can interpret this theme anyway, you want, unless you stick to the main idea. We would like to inspire you a little bit – our Design Team created projects to help your creative juices to flow 🙂


My daughter is the funniest person I know!!! She has the most bubbly, fun personality and is always making us laugh!!! She always makes me smile even my day is bleak.
She reminds me of how important laughter and fun is in my life and I am so grateful for her sense of humour. These are some of the many selfie shots I always find on my phone!!!

Five senses lead me to think about how we experience things. While sight is almost always the key sense there’s much information coming to other senses, too. Like in a concert. There’s of course the visual side, but also the music we can hear and even feel the beat and most likely there’s lots of scents, too. So I decided to document this concert my two girls visited early this year. It was a Christmas present from their godfather. As a part of the gift was ice creams afterwards, I even got to include taste in the layout!


The five senses… I chose the smell, taste. Rose fragrance to magical, flavour of life – beautiful.

All senses are important for us, but the sight is probably one of the most important. Especially for someone who love to create. This wonderful sense allows us to admire the beauties of the world. What is more tragical than being deprive of it!


I have used several 7 Dots Studio collections to create this layout and . I made this picture in my garden where I spend a lot of time. Beautiful flowers especially daylilies touch my heart and I love touch the flowers! A touch can say more than words can ever express!


I loved interpreting the theme this month. We sometimes take our five senses for granted and its so important to be in touch with them: to feel the touch of an object or of another human being, listening to a song or listening to a friend, watching a beautiful sunset or the smile on a child’s face, smelling the scent of your favourite flower or your favourite yummy food and lastly tasting the food or speaking words of love. Most importantly I focused on words. Words can be spoken through your mouth and heard through your ears. People sometimes choose to say words that aren’t nice and should not be spoken. The world would be a better place if only words of love and peace would be heard. So I wrote this quote across my layout: ‘If you don’t understand my silence, you won’t understand my words’. Its one of my favourite quotes and it was perfect for this layout. I used to have a button with this quote pinned to my backpack as a teenager and the words always felt true to my heart.

Here’s a card I finished up all about the sense of hearing. I need to hear your voice was done on Nature Walk 6×6 with the intention it was to be sent to a significant other. It use to say a few other sense related sentences, but it got a little heated, lol. ♥


What comes on my mind while thinking of 5 senses, I always like watching the newborn babies, as their senses are extremely open to everything new.


The rules are simple:
– create any project inspired by our theme – Five Senses
– use at least one 7 Dots Studio product
– publish your project on you blog with a link to our challenge
– do not forget to include in your blog post our “inspirational circle” ( you will find it at the top of this blog post)
– use inlinkz and please link directly to your blog post, not to whole blog
Challenge is open till September, 19th midnight CET
We announce winners by the end of the month. One lucky person will win a 50 USD grab bag of our products.
Have fun!
Tusia Lech