A journal in a box

Hello, I hope that sunny summer days make you smiled. For my part, relax in a shade with some chocolate is a pure bliss. But even if chocolates are gone the box where they used to spend their short time can also make my day. Out of my admiration for recent collections by 7 Dots Studio I came up with a set of a altered box, a journal and a card.

Here go some tips:

1. Find a proper chocolate box. I consider mine a great base for altering as its shape fits perfectly a journal inside. Choose matching papers for both the box and the journal.

2. Trace the box with a pencil and cut it out. I had to cut two sheets of paper to cover the whole. Then using a glue or double sided tape attach the paper to the box. Some corners and folding don’t have to be perfect as the washi tape which comes next helps to hide any imperfections.

3. Use washi tapes to finish both inside and outside panels of the box. Now you may arrange some elements, stickers and words. While attaching your composition you may use some foam to obtain a more dimentional look.

4. Then cover the whole with a gesso using a stencil. If you would like to coordinate your journal, a tag or a card to the box just use the same media and stickers.

5. It is high time to use stamps and pens. Stamping with transparent ones is a sheer pleasure. Have fun with some doodling, splashing and misting.

6. Finish the box with more stamping, liquid pearls and some flowers. And voila, your gift set is ready.


Have a nice day!
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