Today i want to show you layout about My husband! I love him so much! He is the best for me. He makes me smile and feel myself happy everyday!

It’s little hard to make man’s layout for me, but amazing die-cut elements from Illumination Collection help me to make different stresses without flowers and lace.



I’ve used:
Illumination – Balance
Illumination – Word Stickers
Illumination – Elements 6×12
Illumination – Element Stickers
Illumination – Clear Stamps
Messy Head – Just Saying


Why can’t my fingers always look like this? Well, the answer is quite simple, I need to go to work, too! But honestly having paint media in my fingers is such a great pleasure. That means I’m either making something or have made something. I enjoy getting messy with paints and mists and inks!

What I also enjoy tremendously is mixing collections – I guess you might have noticed that one already. And nothing better than to be able to do so! What I love about 7 Dots Studio collections is that you are always able to bring that older paper in with the newer collections as they match!

What guides my mixing is the same guideline I also use otherwise in my creating and that is the colors. I usually work with analogous color scheme, meaning that the colors are neighbors on the color wheel so finding papers from different collections means that I try to find red papers or blue ones and then bring another color in. Like in this one there’s reds, a touch of orange and then the purple. Neutrals like brown or grey are also great as they mix easily with the brighter colors.


Have you seen the new collections? They all have such a great palettes! I can’t wait to start mixing and matching them either together or with the older collections!
Materials from 7 Dots Studio:
Hopefully: Never Let Me Go
Hopefully: Trust Me
All I Ever: Velveteen Dreams
Domestic Goddess: 12th Teacup
Domestic Goddess: Salt and Pepper Alpha
Domestic Goddess: Stickers 12×12
All I Ever: Stickers 6×12
All I Ever: Stickers 12×12
Illumination: Element Stickers 6×12
Illumination: Clear Stamps 1