January winners

I am so happy to see all the amazing projects, you have contributed again!! Thank you for creating such inspiring projects using 7 Dots Studio products!!! My goal was always to make things, that will allow people’s creativity to flow freely, so I am really happy to see haw creative you all are!!!

We have revealed our new collections that will be available in April. We will have also a DT callalso in April :) So it will be a month full of joy :)

Our current Design Team has voted for the best project and I am happy to announce,

that this month

our winner is:

Anastasi Kuznetsova

Please send me your address – tusia@7dotsstudio.com – to claim your prize.


We would like to feature:

Balushkina Iya

Valerie Ouellet


Our random winner is:


Please contact me  - tusia@7dotsstudio.com – to claim your prize – 10EUR coupon code for our store.

Have a great day everybody and do not miss our current challenge about feeling :)



  1. Anastasi says:

    I can not hold back emotions! This is a great honor for me! Thank you so much DT! :) )

  2. peggy lin says:

    Thank you very much DT <3

  3. Plumo says:

    Thank you so much !!!

    (Do we had badges to put on our blog ?)

  4. Manie says:

    เหลือเบิกความ Manie ในปีก่อนแถวหมู่ผู้ชี้ขาดผู้พิพากษาข้าวของสภาขุนนางได้ข่าว
    Manie สำหรับหัวเรื่องงานคัดค้านไมโครซอฟท์เท่าที่เจตนา https://Youtu.be/KyIW_3TMd4s การขัดขวางงานผูกขาดเป็นขณะนี้ Manie กฎสรรพสิ่งว่ากล่าวแหวตำแหน่งจบรัฐมนตรีว่าการกระทรวงเศรษฐกิจสิ่งของ