You have been spotted – June 2016


Hello our beloved fans!

We are very happy to see that You like our newest collections. You have created so many amazing projects of them in June! We love them all! We are also grateful, that You use our older collections very often as well!

It is a great pleasure for us to see many – different but all wonderful – ways that You use 7 Dots Studio products in Your creations.

And today we would like to feature:



Nature Walk collection

Elena Martynova

Fortune-teller collection

Elena Smoktunova

Homegrown collection


Yuletide collection

Małgorzata Metryka

Love is in the Air and Soulmates collections

Maria Kozlova

Cold Country collection


Cold Country collection

Mary Catt

Yuletide collection

Sanne ter Horst

Homegrown collection

Tatiana Serova

Thoughts Keeper and Lost and Found collection



We are amazed by Your creativity! We hope that You will continue to share Your talent with us. We are already looking forward to see Your July creations in 7 Dots Studio galleries.


Have a great day!

Anna Wiśniewska