You have been spotted – February 2017

Hello our beloved fans!

We are very happy to see that You like both our new and older collections. You have created so many amazing projects of them in January! We love them all! You’ve started the new year with an amazing creativity!

It is a great pleasure for us to see many – different but all wonderful – ways that You use 7 Dots Studio products in Your creations.

And today we would like to feature:


Karine Gagnon

Karine created many gorgeous layout of 7 Dots products in January. We decided to feature three of them.

Cotton Candy Dreams


Writer’s Block


Writer’s Block

Elena Martynova

Nature Walk

Elena Tretyakova

Cotton Candy Dreams


Evgeniya Vlasenko


Heather McMahon

Cold Country

Juliya Tirskaya

9th Wave

Marta Piekarczyk

Cotton Candy Dreams

Virag Reti

Cotton Candy Dreams



We are amazed by Your beautiful creations. We hope that You will continue to share Your talent with us. We are already looking forward to see more of Your February projects in 7 Dots Studio galleries.


Have a great day!

Anna Wiśniewska

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