Reach for the stars by Anna Wiśniewska

Hello Lovelies!
Two days ago my older son started to be a teenager. It was a very important day for him and quite hard one for me. I made this canvas with his photo especially for his birthday. Photo taken on Maltese rocks a few weeks ago.
My son is very curious about the world and its beauty. He enjoys travelling and exploring very much. I hope he will reach the stars someday.
Happy birthday my wonderful boy!

7 Dots Studio supplies:
Cotton Candy Dreams – Brain Freeze
Cotton Candy Dreams – Pad 6×6
Cotton Candy Dreams – Tags 12×12
Cotton Candy Dreams – Element Stickers 6×12
Cotton Candy Dreams – Die-cut Elements 6×12
Cotton Candy Dreams – Word Stickers 6×12
Cotton Candy Dreams – Chipboard
Thoughts Keeper – Clear Stamps

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