You have been spotted – December 2016

Hello folks!

We have an outstanding collection of art to present You today!

I personaly must say, that some of Your creations from last month took my breath away when I saw it for the first time. I am sure that todays spotted projects will make You speachless.

So please sit comfortable, take a cup of tea or coffee and look at these masterpieces:


Daria Boldyreva


Mary Catt

Messy Head

Elena Martynova

Love is in the air and Homegrown

Tamara Fomina

Cold Country and Messy Head

Anastasia Elena

Verano Azul

Rachael Funnel

Yuletide and Soulmates

Tanya Palamarchuk

Cotton Candy Dreams

Juliya Tirskaya


Writer’s Block

Nupur Patel

9th Wave

Anna Solnyshkina


Daria Schukina

Lost and Found

Kareen Dion

Homegrown and Verano Azul

Olga Zacharova

Homegrown and Cotton Candy Dreams

Aren’t they just gorgeous? The talent of the authors of these creations is outstanding!

We are deeply honoured that You choose our collections and that You work with our products. The awareness that You like them, that they inspire You make us very happy every day.


We are looking for Yuor another fabulous creations in December!


Have a great day!

Ania Wiśniewska