Friends by Fiona Paltridge

Hello everyone, Fiona here with you today to share a little layout I have created using the fabulous “Cotton Candy Dreams” collection from 7 Dots Studio.

I wanted to make an orange layout with the papers. I had made lots of mint coloured ones and some mint and orange ones but I hadn’t yet explored a single monochromatic orange from the collection and was excited to see how it turned out.

The design is a classic one that drops or cascades beautifully down the page. It’s always my go to design when I’m struggling for ideas. I have to say the ALL orange did stump me for a bit, but as I got further into the creating it started to flow well.

Once I added the height in the tags and then the charms, I knew it was going to work well. I just love how it all came together and I love the organic feel it has to it.

I hope you have some inspiration to try out an ALL orange layout too. It’s not always our go to colour but it is ever so lovely really. Don’t you think?

See you all again next time xx

7 Dots Studio supplies:
Cotton Candy Dreams – Strawberry Fields
Cotton Candy Dreams – Die cut Elements
Cotton Candy Dreams – Word Stickers
Cotton Candy Dreams – Tags 12×12

Zig-zag by Fiona Paltridge

Hello my gorgeous 7 Dots Studio friends. Today I have a little step by step tutorial for you on how I used up my scrap paper in my art journal.

I began by smearing a little bit of heavy gesso over the page. Next you can choose a spray, pigment powder or watercolour to add the first coordinating colour. The two main colours in the “Cotton Candy Dreams” collection are mint and apricot so I left a little bit of space to add a second colour.

This is where all the scraps of paper come into effect. I had used parts of three 12×12 papers in another project and decided a good way to use them up was to add them to a journal page. I chopped up the pieces and stuck them down in a background pattern and then added some of the orange as the coordinating second colour.

Once that was dry, I added some more of the scraps. This time from the zig zag or chevron paper. I cut them out and stuck them on to create another layer of interest.

Finally to add some detailed interest, I used a graphite pencil to do some journalling and to scribble around some of the scrap pieces to add features.

I just can’t stand to waste any of my scraps. If you feel the same way then this is a great project for you too.

Thank you so much for popping by and checking out my little art journal creation. I’ll see you all again soon xx


7 Dots Studio supplies:
Cotton Candy Dreams – Strawberry Fields
Cotton Candy Dreams – Brain Freeze
Cotton Candy Creams – Mint Julep

Run wild by Fiona Paltridge

Hello 7 Dots lovelies! Fiona here with you again to share an abstract art style layout using the beautiful elements from the “Cotton Candy Dreams” collection.

I started this background with a very abstract idea in mind using lots of wet mediums like texture paste, acrylic paint and gesso. Once the background dried i added some stamping and die cut elements along with the element stickers.

I just love playing with my layouts not knowing where they may end up. The fun element of the abstract style really appeals to me.

I find the less thought I give it and the more I enjoy the process, then the more likely I am to like the end result.

I use a sturdy canvas board so it will take all the wet mediums i throw onto it. Give it a go …. it’s very liberating and even when it appears that you’ve created nothing but a hot mess then start to layer some elements on top and you’ll be surprised at how well it all brings it together.
Most of all, have fun!

7 Dots Studio supplies:
Cotton Candy Creams – Element Stickers 6×12
Cotton Candy Dreams – Die Cut Elements 6×12
Cotton Candy Dream – Chipboard
Cotton Candy Dreams – Word Stickers 6×12
Cotton Candy Dreams – Clear stamp Set