First steps by Anastasi Kuznetsova

Who said that pink is only for girls? What if the boy is so sweet that you want to eat him, like a candy? I made a layout with my younger nephew. In the photo, he is exactly one year old and he makes his first conscious steps. And since the spring has already come, I chose the spring, bright, flowering colour palette for this piece of work.

I really liked how the gray colour of the paper “Nature Walk” works together with the pink frame. The green and red accents added a general contrast and dynamic to the picture. The inscriptions from the Cotton Candy Dreams have helped me very much. Also I like to use tags 7 Dots Studio in my works. Here I took 3 tags from the collections “Homegrown” and “The Queen’s Heart”.

7 Dots Studio supplies:
Nature Walk – Gray Day
Nature Walk – Cloudy
Homegrown – Tags 12×12
Yuletide – Clear Stamps

Two sides of Cotton Candy Dreams by Riikka Kovasin

Hiya! It’s Riikka here to share a couple of layouts using Cotton Candy Dreams with you. One page is made using the colder colours of the collection and the other using the warmer side. Both of the pages are about my two daughters.

The turquoise color scheme of the collection is awesome for winter pages and chilly themes. This page is about the first ice skates of my girls. They got those as a Christmas presents a couple of years ago and naturally needed to try them out right away.

To get the chilly, icy feeling of the winter and skating, I used the turquoise and white papers of the collection. Also included some stickers and tags of the same scheme to my page. The grey in them gives a nice contrast to the otherwise pale page.

The other page is about two keen grandfather helpers. If the photo in the first page is from a couple of Christmases past, then this one is a couple of summers from that. My father is a carpenter and my girls are eager to visit his shop whenever he needs help. In the photo they are helping and painting some beehives.

I used the warmer shades in the Cotton Candy Dreams in this page but mixed in some other papers as well to get more yellow in there. I wanted to mimic the colour of the photo.

Ta ta for now! Have a great day!

7 Dots Studio supplies:
Cotton Candy Dreams – Element stickers 6×12
Cotton Candy Dreams – Pad 6×6
Cotton Candy Dreams – Cloud Watching
Cotton Candy Dreams – Tags 12×12
Cotton Candy Dreams – Mint Julep
Cotton Candy Dreams – Hex stencil
Writer’s Block – Letters stencil
Lost and Found – Pad 6×6
Naturewalk – Clear stamps
Cotton Candy Dreams – Word stickers 6×12
Cotton Candy Dreams – Die-cut elements 6×12
Yuletide – Clear stamps
Homegrown – Clear stamps
Lost and Found – Word stickers 6×12
Um Wow Studio – Cotton Candy Dreams – flair

Postcard by Marina Syskova

Hello! Marina Syskova here and today I have prepared for you a new video tutorial of an unusual card, combining a postcard and shadow box 2 in 1! =) I hope you like my idea and that I inspired you to create your own fantastic masterpieces!

7 Dots Studio supplies:
Writer’s Block – Pad 6×6
Fortune-teller – Die-cut Elements 6×12
Fotune-teller – Pad 6×6
Verano Azul – Element Stickers 6×12
Yuletide – Pad 6×6