Heidi Kelley


Hi! My name is Heidi Kelley and I live in the United States, in the state of Missouri. I am a full time stay at home Mama, whose world really revolves around the “littles” that my husband and I have brought into the world. My husband Patrick and I have four children, Ahna, Sarenna, Jax, and Xander. There are few things I love more than having my hands covered with paint, gesso, and various other art mediums… and creating works of art that feature my children and the everyday wonder in my life. I create with my heart, never having a plan to start with, and simply going where the mood, paint, and photos take me.

I create because…
I truly believe that life lies in the details and while the big picture can most certainly be beautiful, it is the tiny elements that carve each one of us into our own person. I want to document these details, these little snippets of whimsy, of character, of flaw! I love sharing my story, our story, the way I see it – or the way I think my little ones see it… so that I can remember it long after the moments have passed.

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