Larissa Albernaz

My name is Larissa Albernaz and I´m from São Paulo, Brazil.

I´ve been married to my sweet husband Flávio for 12 years and we have an adorable daughter Isabela. As a paper crafter, I have been scrapbooking for seven years. Along these years, scrapbooking has provided me a great sort of artistic possibilities and a lot of fun!

I create because it provides me to express myself in style, mixing paper, embellishments, colors, memories and a message.

While scrapbooking I pursue something that has sense to me, which inspires me and that can be different, interesting, cute, creative, colorful and fun!
I adore papers and creating page layouts or 3 dimensional pieces!. One of my life’s little pleasures is to cut, tear and distress papers, creating anything that translates the story I want to tell.

My style is eclectic, crafty. I love adding a lot of layers, including some paints or inks and I pay great attention to the details.

You can check out my works at my blog.

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