Sanderijn de Bruin-Mittendorf

I am Sanderijn de Bruin, almost 39 years and mother of the best miracle ever in my life. I am married and live in The Netherlands, near Rotterdam. I am a parttime working mom, I do administrative work at a school for jong adults.

I have been scrapping for almost 9 years now, but between 2011 and 2015 I hardly created anything, because the little one took all my time (and space) for a while.

In May 2015 we created a scraproom for me, and since then I love to be in my own little magical place, and I have created a lot!
I think, as an artist, you are always developing yourself. I am very curious about new products and techniques, I always want to try everything, and develop myself more and more.

My creative journey means a lot of trying out (and throwing away) but I love it when I discover new techniques and make it my own.
My style is not defined by one word only…I don’t have any clue how to call my style, but I think it will be: balanced, colorful and eye for detail.

Creativity is a gift from God.
I hope I will be able to inspire others with my creations.

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