Stephanie Papin

My name is Stéphanie PAPIN, and I come from France. I live in an area of the West, in a very quiet corner, and in a country where the scrap is very popular and covered by very large amount of designers. I am 39 years old and I am also a mum of two beautiful daughters aged 6 and 9 years old. Crafting has always been my passion. I discovered scrapbooking several years ago, and I became completely addicted to this hobby.
My daughters are my main source of inspiration in all my work.
My style ? I love above all the sweetness, all that is refined and sumptuous ! My style is somehow a little shabby with a mixed-media side.
I also love playing with colours, and particulary with the contrasts of colours. I find 7dotsstudio Papers so original. This brand has an particular identity . What i love with 7dotsstudio ? These are the combination between colours and designs.
I’m already sure, i will soon enjoy to scrap with such beautiful papers. I would like to thank Tusia for her trust !

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