Feminine Czekoczyna’s style

You know how much I love art-journaling, right? So now I will tell you my secret… sometimes I don’t even think what I’m doing while art-journaling. (Just like here. I planned to make page in my “Bird book” but as you can see I made something complitely different) And this is really cool feeling, totally relaxing and you have to try it. But when you will remember that you need some absolutely neutral papers, just like some of papers from Dreamer collection. That is why I used them here, just to relax and to be sure everything will go alright and the final result will be okay.


Dreamer – Sweet Dreams
Dreamer – Drive all night
Dreamer – Daydreaming
All I ever – Alpha Sweet times

This page was inspired by amazing style of Louise Nelson who is on of my favorite artists. I choose The Queen’s Heart collection because of it’s romantic and nostalgic style. I wanted to make something more personal, with my own photograph and based on mixed-media background.  Oh, and the photo I used had to be small, just like on those beautiful Louise pages. Thanks my dear, you are just an inspiration :*



The Queen’s Heart – Just remember
The Queen’s Heart – Way of life
The Queen’s Heart – I wanna be…