Ana Paula and Nine – last two new designers in our team


My name is Ana Paula Leal and
I was born in 1970 and grew up in Santa Catarina, a state in South of Brazil.

I’m an architect, but recently I decided to dedicate my time to scrapbooking,  teaching  and giving workshops all over Brazil,
I write for magazines, take part in foruns and Design Teams and I also help developing materials for this area.
It means that nowadays my profession, Architecture, is in second place.

I’m married and live in Itajai, the city I was born in, with my husband, Adriano, our children Gabriel, 17 years old and Luiza, 14 years old, two poodles and two cats we recently adopted.

My family, our trips, our everyday life, our pets, our victories and happiness are always my source of inspiration and I register everything in my works.

I’m a very eclectic person that is I like to mixture different styles, improvise and put several types of expressions in my projects.

I like better romantic works with Vintage touch, but I don’t like to label myself only in a way, I always prefer to try new things.
As I love to use inks in different ways, there is always an artistic touch in my projects, you’ll also find a stroke with a brush or mists in any detail. It’s impossible to work without becoming dirty or destroy my fresh manicured nails.LOL.

Well, thank you very much for such a great opportunity.
It’s good to know that in this globalized work we can communicate through a universal language: Art.

Ana Paula’s Blog

We would like to show you previous Ana Paula’s projects – although they are not made with 7 Dots Studio products, yet they are so beautiful, that they deserve to be featured.



Hi, my name is Nine, I’m 32 and I live in France with my 3 children. I discovered scrapbooking when I was pregnant in 2006. I’m ink and stamps addict and I love mixed media too. I’m so proud and happy to be here with you ! Thank you !!

Nine’s Blog

Some Nine’s layouts – also without 7 Dots Studio products, but soon Nine will inspire you on our blog and than she will show you, what she could create from 7 Dots Studio papers 🙂