Your Favorite dress

My girl loves Rapunzel and since I sewed her her dress, she doesn’t remove it anymore. Colors of the 9th Wave collection match perfectly with embossing powders and spritz from Lindy’s Stamp Gang.


Deep water – 9th wave
Stormy Sea – 9th wave
Elements 12*12 – 9th wave
Alpha stickers 6*12 – 9th wave
Alpha stickers 6*12 – Salt & Pepper – Domestic Goddess

Embossing powder Lindy’s Stamp Gang : Oakleaf Olive and Queen Sheba’s Silver
Starbusts sprays : Steampunk Sepia and Rusty Lantern Lime
Glitzspritz : Steel Shimmer


Sweet heart


Tips : to ease dark colors for your photo, apply some gesso. You’ll have a fade out effect.

The Queen’s heart paper – Army of love
The Queen’s heart paper – Just Remember
The Queen’s heart paper – I wanna be…
The Queen’s heart tags
All I ever… – Alpha stickers Sweet Sunrise