Hello. Ana Paula here today to show you 2 projects made with the pretty papers from 7Dots Studio.

The first one is a layout in a frame made with much love for a friend of mine on her birthday!
She always loved a scrapbooking layout of mine where I used wings so…
I decided to present her with a winged page.
Something that is like her: full of life, beauty and joy!

As I wanted to make her a surprise,
I asked for her daughter some pictures and during the birthday party I gave her the frame.
I was very happy for give her something she liked a lot and I created it with  so much love .

This frame was made using the pretty papers from Messy Head collection.
The digital wings were printed on the ” Love Letter” paper in different sizes.
Then I cut out them and applied creating layers using the foam tape and painted them with watercolor paint.

The entire layout were made using 7Dots papers and shaded with watercolor paint to give depth and almost a 3D effect.

Papers used:

Second project is a layout created with the pretty stamps from Viva Las Vegas and the amazing papers from 7Dots Studio.



You can see the instructions below:

1- Ink Stamp with Embossing Stamp Pad some scraps of papers from Messy Head collection using background stamps as:
Checkerboard 4×3 stamp by Viva Las Vegas
Design/Leaves/Square 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 stamp by VLV
Japanese Collage Text 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 stamp by VLV
Puzzle Background 5 x 5 3/4 by VLV
2-Pour Clear Embossing powder over stamped image, making sure everything’s completely covered. Heat powder with heat tool until it melts into a shiny cover and let it cool.

3-Using Spray paint, spray over the paper.

4-Lei it dry and Use a humid cloth to buff ink off embossed images. The embossed images will resist making the resisted image appears.

5-Make layers using the scraps of papers and foam tape to give volume

6-Using a black ink, stamp the check pattern in some points to highlight.

7-Using a circle paper as mask and apply black ink, Remenber to protect the picture

8-Cover some acrylic circles using papers and stamp them using the ( link) stamp.

9-Splats of black and white paint and MICA to make some pints to glow And a vibrant layout to celebrate my love for Art.

Viva Las Vegas stamps used:

Checkerboard 4×3 stamp by VLV
Design/Leaves/Square 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 stamp by VLV 
Japanese Collage Text 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 stamp by VLV
Puzzle Background 5 x 5 3/4 by VLV 

7Dots Studio supplies:

Messy Head – Alpha stickers 6×12
Messy Head – What wood U say
Messy Head – Just Saying
Messy Head – News Flash
Messy Head – Little Thougts