My darling

The grey-lilac-teal colour combo of the Cold Country collection, although quite dark, is still perfect for a little girl’s page. So I used this stunning collection to scrap an old photo of my darling daughter, Valya… It goes without saying that flowers were essential to create a soft, girly page!



Products used

Cold Country – Freezing Tears
Cold Country – Word Stickers 6×12
Cold Country – Element stickers 6×12
Cold Country – Die-cut elements 12×12
Cold Country – Die-cut elements 6×12
Cold Country clear stamps
Illumination – chipboards

Always happy

Now this is a totally different page, style-wise, than the previous one. The story of the little guy a met some years ago is amazing and I have always wanted to create a page to remember the amount of optimism and courage people like him show in life. Getting to know him and the family that adopted him (his biological parents abandoned him as soon as they discovered that he was suffering from Down syndrome but a wonderful family who already had one child with the same syndrome found him and took him in) was a great blessing for me. It taught me what self-sacrifice means and how can we humans be really HUMAN. Anyway, this is a page that depicts his love for life, his all-year round happiness and it’s all about smiling at life’s mistreatments.



Products used

Hopefully – Find me
Hopefully – Tags 12×12
Hopefully – Stickers 12×12
Hopefully – Stickers 6×12
All I ever – Alpha stickers Sweet sunrise
Nature Walk – Clear Stamps

The two faces of my life

This is my first attempt of making an art journalling page. I admit it’s so liberating! I really had fun doing this double 8×8″ page, which talks about the contrast between two different aspects of my life: my job as an airport authority officer and my occupation as a Mom, care-giver and housekeeper. Their differences in the style are obvious and they drive me crazy most of the time! I think every working woman can identify with me in this lol!
The Domestic Goddess collection was the perfect choice, of course. Its bright colours and theme of course, helped me illustrate this big contrast and express my feelings about these two faces of my life



Products used

Domestic Goddess – Collage fashionista
Domestic Goddess – Alphas raspberry muffin
Domestic Goddess – Stickers 6×12
Domestic Goddess – Stickers 12×12
Illumination – Clear Stamps
Cold Country – Clear Stamps