Today I have made a layout with big photo. It’s always very hard for me to make projects with big photos. But all paper embellishments and design from Could Country Collection by 7Dots Studio make it much easier. I see beautiful harmony big photo and embellishments.



7 Dots Studio supplies:
Cold Country – Forgotten
Cold Country – pad 6×6
Cold Country – Element Stickers 6×12
Cold Country – Die-cut Elements 12×12
Cold Country – Die-cut Elements 6×12
Cold Country – Clear Stamps
UmWowStudio – Into The Wild Flairs
Illumination – Clear Stamps


This summer I wanted to make something beautiful and natural for my room.

So I have made a frame with brush. It seems like nature comes to our material world.

7 Dots Studio supplies:
Nature Walk – Winged Vines
Nature Walk – Die-cut Elements 6×12
Nature Walk – Tags 12*12
UmWowStudio – Into the Wild flairs
UmWowStudio – Damask Mask