I really like old photos – who wouldn’t? But as much I love them, I have found it hard to use the great old photo die cuts of the Cold County -line. So my goal was to use them in this project. I was going through my photos and then found this one of the Eiffel tower. Then it hit me – the pictures would make perfect layers for this layout! Like showing the people who had visited the tower or who were present in the exhibition or showing the great history behind the over 100-year-old structure.

I chose to go with warm color scheme and tried to make the layout as a mix of the modern and old. I also recorded a little video while working on the page. I hope you’ll like it!


Materials from 7 Dots Studio:
Domestic Goddess: Raspberry Pudding
Cold Country: 6×6 Pad
Cold Country: Die Cut Elements 12×12
Cold Country: Clear Stamps
Nature Walk: 6×6 Pad
Nature Walk: Chipboards
Nature Walk: Word Stickers 6×12
Nature Walk: Element Stickers 6×12
Um Wow Studio: Destiny Flairs

 And here is video:


I wanna taste:

This layout has completely different story than the previous one. One night we had some take-out food and the dish was decorated with a chili. My younger one immediately wanted to taste it. “Ok, but it’s quite hot” I said, grabbed my camera and recorded her encounter with the chili. After saying that it was quite hot and had a strong taste she soon wanted to try it another time. Brave girl!

To get the hotness of the chili to the page I used a lot of red in it. The background is from the Illumination collection, giving the page a strong backdrop and the red pieces are gathered from various collections. I also included a few green flicks to get the page more drama with the opposite colors.




Materials from 7 Dots Studio:
Illumination: Tolerance
Domestic Goddess: Spice and Sugar
Domestic Goddess: Stickers 12×12
9th Wave: Deep Water
Hopefully: Stickers 12×12
Love Is In The Air: Elements 12×12
Cold Country: Clear Stamps


Ribit ribit:
I guess we all have those moments when we wish that we would have said anything. But then the blurb has already been said. In Finnish the saying goes that you let a frog out of your mouth. So that’s why I chose the “ribit ribit” as the title. As I occasionally let a whole bunch of them out of my mouth.

To get the layout even more a froggy feeling, I chose to go with different hues of greens and added some yellow to the mix too. For the background I used the trimmed of manufacture’s strips and added the paints and gesso on top.

Materials from 7 Dots Studio:
Nature Walk: Cotton
Nature Walk: Chipboard
Illumination: Chipboard
Hopefully: Find Me
Hopefully: Love Me
Hopefully: Stickers 12×12
Love Is In The Air: Elements 12×12
Cold Country: Clear Stamps