Hi there. My name is Nadia Cannizzo, I am of Greek origin, a primary school teacher , 35 and together with my husband of 15 years we live in the suburbs of beautiful Sydney Australia raising our 3 young daughters. I started creating cards about 7 years ago and moved on to scrapbooking about 5 years ago. I have had my ups and downs through out my creative journey but have stuck it out and this is the longest hobby I have ever had. Well.. it is more than a hobby I must admit. It is what I call therapy. From the thrill I get when something new arrives at my doorstep, to the incredible people I have met online, I can definitely credit this “hobby” with getting me through some very difficult times.

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I am so excited to start my term at 7Dots Studio with one of my all time favourite collections Domestic Goddess. Of course this collection has nothing to do with my sweet little baby Sofia featured in the photo but I picked it especially because its rustic colours match the colours in the photo perfectly.





Supplies List
Domestic Goddess – Women’s Talk
Domestic Goddess Stickers 6 x 12
Domestic Goddess Stickers 12 x 12
Domestic Goddess Tags 12×12