Hi all 7Dots Studio fans!

Today is a special day for me here at 7Dots Studio, it’s my last post as designer for this amazing, gorgeous and fabulous company.

When i started, way back in 2012, it was because of an email from Ania/Finnabair – the amazing talented artist, who I absolutely adore! (and finally got to meet previously this year)
I was asked to join this awesome team and to be honest, I nearly fell of my chair when I got the email LOL
This period has been a fantastic creative journey for me which I want to thank Tusia and Finnabair for! You made my dreams come true! *love*
Even if I feel a bit sad about not being on the team (I did not apply because I felt that the team needed “new blood”) I will still love 7Dots Studio and use a lot of their products.
In fact I even bought some papers from Wonderland collection a few days ago LOL

Anyway… have to stop talking now, getting too emotional here.

I have made a special project for this last post – a paperbag, a thank you to Tusia and Finnabair.
A paperbag that show a little about how I feel now. You see it from the words and the flairs…







7Dots Studio products used:
Dreamer Collection – Drive all night
Dreamer Collection – Sweet dreams
Illumination collection – stamps
Cold Country collection – stamps
Nature walk collection – word stickers

Dancing in the stairs:
Here is a layout with our youngest daughter dancing in the stairs on a hotel near Stockholm, Sweeden. A fabolous hotel with marble stairs and such gorgeous interior.
She got a new coat that day and when she danced down the stairs it almost looked like a movie, so I had to photograph it and do some adjustments on the color (the coat was bright red)





7Dots Studio products used:
Cold country collection – lost letter
Domestic Goddess leftovers
Cold country collection – stamps
Illumination collection – stamps
Messy Head collection – elements 6×12
Messy Head collection – Alpha stickers

Take risks:
This layout is from a trip we had last year, to the Southern Norway, as south you can get. We went to a lighthouse , very fascinating place!
Once again, it’s our youngest daughter on the photo. Looks a bit dangerous, almost as she was going to jump.






7Dots Studio products used:
Cold country collection – forgotten
Cold country collection – Paper pad
Cold country collection – stamps
Cold country collection – element stickers 6×12
Illumination collection – stamps
Illumination collecton – word stickers 6×12

As you have read, this was last Marianne’s blog post on 7 Dots Studio blog. Farewell is always a very sad moment to me – especially if it is such  farewell. Marianne has been 7 Dots Studio Designer for 1,5 year. She created tones of absolutely amazing projects and supported 7 Dots Studio for a very long time! Marianne’s projects are always full of details and…. emotions. I have to admit, that it was a big surprise to me, when I found out, that Marianne would not apply for another term. She is a real gem!!! I would wish everyone to “have” her on the team!!

Marianne – thank you once more for your constant support and devotion in spreading a word about 7 Dots Studio. Time spent with you was absolutely great!!! You are very talented and I hope one day our paths will cross again 🙂 <3