Melenia Agapides and Belladonna

melenia agapides and belladonna

Destiny is calling

My page is about women and the fact that many times in life destiny calls us to move forward, but we choose to continue the life we lead. Perhaps this is due to the fear of the unknown or the lack of confidence to change even the wrong situations we are in.

The truth though is life passes by quickly, chances come and go unused and we may end up regretting things we didn’t do.

melenia agapides and belladonna
I have used “Nature Walk” for this page – stamps, die-cuts, papers, stickers. I usually don’t mix up the collections, I find them absolutely complete, as far as colour & design are concerned! I need nothing else!
To create my background I implemented the techniques I learned through Shirel’s lesson at Pop&Colors seminar. So you see lots of 13 Arts mists, modelling paste and gesso here!

melenia agapides and belladonna


melenia agapides and belladonna


melenia agapides and belladonna

Products used

Nature Walk – Cotton
Nature Walk – Clear Stamps
Cold Country – Clear Stamps
Nature Walk – 6×12 Die-Cut Elements
Nature Walk – 6×12 Element Stickers
Nature Walk – 6×12 Word Stickers
UmWowStudio/Nature Walk – Destiny Flairs

I love woodland walks from the bottom of my heart. Forest hushes, inspires and advises how to find own path, start from the ground, stretch arms, root for others and recycle. Out ofmy admiration and feeling that one may I find himself among high trees comes the woodland canvas.

I used both natural findings from the forest floor and wonderful elements from Nature walk collection. They certainly well go together.


My supplies were:

Nature Walk – Clear Stamps and Die-cut tags.