Hi! Today I want to share with an easy step by step tutorial how to make a nice canvas. So that’s what we are going to do.

First we need a canvas (you can use canvas that is already covered with primer or gesso or do it yourself and let it dry)
I apply my favorite modeling paste by Liquitex on dots stencil in a few parts of canvas.

That’s what we get after letting it dry.

Sure now we want to add more volume and I use gauze to make my canvas more dimensional.
Just glue it on canvas and give it the shape you like.

Now we can add some color. I chose Lindy’s Stamp gang sprays because of its vibrant colors and some Luminarte acrylic glaze.

Just use a middle brush to apply some nice spots of color.

Adding water from spray bottle so we can make edges and paint more light.

That’s what we get working with Luminarte Acrylic glaze. I love this light pink color but I need of course more nice tints.

That’s why I use sprays Lindy’s Stamp Gang. Just add a bit of color where you like.
I make my gauze colorful and added some dark spots

Let’s add some paper layers to our canvas. I used Messy Head collection. Love the prints and how they match my idea.
I made edges look older with the help of scissors…

Let’s add our photo and finally embellishments!

I try to make my canvas well balanced and added also a few embellishments on the right side.
Also I love to add some chipboard or flowers on the photo – here I used a window chipboard to make my canvas more layered,

Pink is nice – but yellow brings us more colors! I use acrylic glaze to add color accents on white chipboard.

Matte gel and some glitter will give us a bit of magic on the canvas.

I applied some gel with brush and added glitter. The gel is transparent so you will have only a nice glittering effect.

How about more accents? I used my black liner pen to underline textured dots on the canvas
Also I added some splashes with white gesso. Almost done!

With black acrylic paint I also added some black splashes – I love using this technique to add a final touch.

Don’t forget to add your title. I colored mine in black so it looks more vibrant. Here we go!

And this is what we have after all these steps. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful!