Hi there! Today I want to share with you an easy tutorial how to make a Christmas card. Hohoho 🙂 Christmas is coming soon so don’t forget to make some 7 dots Christmas cards and share them with us.
That’s what we are going to create.

1. I chose this amazing Messy head collection with phrase prints on it. Perfect for our Christmas card background.You can make edges of your card look more shabby using scissors or a special tool.

2. It’s time to add some embellishments. How about a peace of lace and a die-cut?

3. On the right side I’m going to add more embellishents so I decided to put a lace and trims there too.

4. Let’s make a simple bouquet of Christmas berries and oher nice embellishments. I added some white acrylic paint so they look more snowy.

5. And our main element – a wooden snowflake. I touched it with whte paint too.


6. Adding some flowers. Though it’s a Christmas card I always add some white puffy flowers on it.

7. To make my flowers look more Christmas I added some golden glitter on their edges

8. Some final touches. Adding a few more flowers and a little bottle – isn’t it cute? Din’t forget to add white paint on your bright flowers to make them look more frozen and snowy.

It’s ready now! Thank you for watching and hope you find this tutorial useful! Tanya