Hands up if you are a woman and especially one that has had a child or 3 and look at yourself in ANY Photo you take and pick at it? You start to pick at all your bad bits, and can find hardly anything nice in you, therefore completely avoiding taking pictures at all. This only mean you get more resentful because the years pass and when you look back at all the photos you have taken you wonder if your kids will believe that they ever had a mum because you are never in any pictures 🙁

Yep that’s me too.

I try to say “Who cares! Just go for it” but I still hate taking photos.

For me to use a photo I like I have to take 100. Sounds vain? Nope! Just insecure .. like most of us. I do not want to look perfect! I just want to see a photo where I look ok.

Anyway, I paired this rare photo I like with the lyrics from Pink’s song “Try”. Why? Because quite often with me, and most of us , it is not just about being mean to our physical self. More often than not it is all inside. It is all going on inside and it all stems from something. A bad experience, a word someone said, a vulnerable time.. a tragedy that changes you. So moral of the story is be kind to yourself, you will get burnt , it is a nasty world but even though it hurts you need to get up and try…






So much easier said than done right?

Materials List
9th Wave – Coral reef
9th Wave – Golden Sand
9th Wave Alphas
Die Cuts
9th Wave Studio 12×12 die cuts

A Canvas Gift for Granny by Helen Tilbury


Hi everyone! HELEN here with you today to share a canvas I recently made as a gift for my mother-in-law for Christmas.
Earlier this year she joined us for my eldest daughter’s graduation weekend & we all made some great memories!
I know that she will treasure this piece & put it in her office – she is a Professor at an African university so it will be perfect!!

The canvas I chose is 8 x 12 inches & my favourite size. I like to add a lot of detail & working on small pieces is therefore not easy for me, as I also hate for my work to look too busy & overcrowded!

I am still waiting for the new collections to arrive on my doorstep (we have had a postal strike here so they are delayed!) so I decided to use the very beautiful older collection, All I ever & used just the 12 x 12 sticker sheet you can find HERE.

The colours of the stickers (& the whole collection) worked beautifully with my photo. Yes Granny has purple hair! So I built my colour scheme around it!! Pink & purple are her favourite colours so if they are yours too then this is definitely the collection for you!