Hello scrapfriends!
In our life we have a lot of things than inspired us. Sometimes it can be beautiful flower, amazing picture or funy face of a child and ofcourse music.
Today i want to show you my new lo “Howl”. I realy love Florence and The Machine and this music makes a lot of thoughts in my head.

My lo cools Howl and it’s about realy strong emotion when we want to howl about love!


If you could only see the beast you’ve made of me
I held it in but now it seems you’ve set it running free
Screaming in the dark, I howl when we’re apart
Drag my teeth across your chest to tast your beating heart

I’ve used
Thoughts Keeper – no4
Thoughts Keeper –  no6
Thoughts Keeper –  no5
Thoughts Keeper –  no1
Thoughts Keeper – Elements 6×12
Thoughts Keeper – Element Stickers 6×12
7Dots Studio Thoughts Keeper Clear Stamps


I know it’s December and most of us are already thinking about Christmas
Nonetheless I’d like to show You totally summery canvas I framed pictures of my boys playing with water in our garden.

I used Destination Unknown – papers, stickers, paper elements, stamps and UmWowStudio chipboards and stencil coordinating with this collection.





I used:
7 Dots Studio
Destination Unknown – Walk The Plank 
Destination Unknown – Journey 
Destination Unknown – pad 6×6 
Destination Unknown – Clear Stamps 
Destination Unknown – Tags 12×12
Destination Unknown – Die-cut Elements 6×12
Destination Unknown – Element Stickers 6×12
Destination Unknown – Word Stickers 6×12

Soulmates – Squares Mask

Destination Unknown – Netting Mask
Destination Unknown – Starry Night Flair

Warm greetings!