Hi there!
I was thinking so hard what to do a tutorial about. Then I thought I’d make something I always do – a mixed media influenced page – but show the power of color.
I usually work with analogous or even monochromatic palette meaning my color contrasts aren’t high. I tend to use neighboring colors and just a few colors per page. So for this tutorial I created one page using my usual style and the other one with more colors I would normally put on a page. And you know what the funny thing is? I like the colorful one so much more! I think I need to try stepping out my comfort zone more often!
To really have you concentrating on the impact the colors make I made the two pages using exactly the same background paper and the same layers. I also used same composition and also the same steps. The only thing differing from page 1 to page 2 is the use of colors. While the other is more peaceful, even romantic, the other one is energetic and moving. Which one is your favorite?
So underneath is the video showing my steps with the background and then putting the other layout together. Hope you’ll enjoy! Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials from 7 Dots Studio:
in both:
Soulmates – Power of Love
Soulmates – Tags 12×12
Soulmates – Squares Mask
Destination Unknown – Tags 12×12
Destination Unknown – Clear Stamps
Illumination – Clear Stamps 1
layout 1:
Destination Unknown – Stickers 6×12
Illumination – Diversity
Domestic Goddess – Stickers 12×12
All I Ever – Stickers 6×12
All I Ever – Alpha Summer Night
layout 2:
Soulmates – Element Stickers 6×12
Thoughts Keeper – Element Stickers 6×12
Hopefully – Stickers 6×12

All I Ever – Alpha Sweet Sunrise