Do You have those moments in craftroom that You had great idea, good photos, You even started fullfilling those idea and then You just stucked? For more than a week… For, let’s say, half of a year? Well it did happen to me. I made a base for this album long time ago. I had my photos printed, I even choose the embellishments and I just lost my mojo. Luckily I found it a week ago and I managed to finish what I had started then.




I finished this mini album and I am so happy that I did it after such a long time. Usually when I do not finish the project at once I do not finish it at all. For this album I used great “Illumination” collection. I love the black pages and black chipboards. They match almost every photo.




7 Dots Studio products:
Illumination – Die-cut tags 12*12
Illumination – Die-cut elements 6*12
Illumination – Word stickers 6*12
Illumination – Element stickers 6*12
Illumination – Diversity
Illumination – Connections
Illumination – Balance
Illumination – Acceptance
Illumination – Joy
Illumination – Tolerance



 Remember this forever

I feel that our projects say something about us, our character, our memories and/or our feelings. Therefore I always try to tell a story or express my thoughts on a matter through my pages, so the viewer gets a message, not only a glimpse of a beautiful image.
This page is about hard work. I strongly believe that hard work is the twin sister of luck. We must work hard if we want to succeed. And then luck may follow or it may not…
I used the stunning “Thoughts Keeper” Collection for my layout, as the page shares a thought of mine, I felt like it was the ideal collection for it.


Products used:

Thoughts Keeper – no.4
Thoughts Keeper – Elements Stickers 6×12
Thoughts Keeper – Die-cuts Elements 6×12
Thoughts Keeper – Tags 12×12
Thoughts Keeper – Word Stickers 6×12
Soulmates – Mask