January challenge

Hello sweet readers!

So many of us make some New Year resolutions. Sometimes these are the big things and sometimes small – but all are very important to us. Today we would like to invite you to play with us with the theme – Appreciating the little things in life. Sometimes we miss the little things, but very often these little things make our lives better and most joyful. So do not forget them and give them tribute today.


Here is inspiration from our Design Team:


My little passion is fitness. It’s so good to be healthy and strong!



While it is the winter time – it is the happy chance to enjoy the snow, red cheeks of my kids and to listen to their laughter. Adore this season just for such little things that make you feel warm and cheerful.


This layout about my daughter. She likes to reading books. Real books. She Reading always and everywhere: on the street, at home, at school, on vacation. This is very good, especially in our time, the time of the Internet and computers.



I was really inspired by the warm and vintage like colours in this paper and the soft colours in my picture to create a layout about a simple lazy Saturday morning at our house with all 3 little kids watching TV. This is SUCH a little thing that happens in every day life in every home but i do often stop and think that there will come a time all too soon that this will not be such a common occurrence. So even though weekend mornings can be so hectic these are the little moments I want to try and remember 🙂


Appreciate the little things in life…
That quote is very important for me. I am doing my best to follow it in my life. Every time I can see something beautiful, I can hear laughter of my kids, I can go on even a very small trip I try to appreciate it. And I must admit that a world seen this way is so beautiful!!
Everybody can be the happiest man in the whole world standind behind a mountain or on the seaside cliff.

We just have to remember that.


I’m more than happy that both of my girls are eager to help with chores. They are overjoyed if they can help me to prepare the food or put the clothes to the laundry machine! The page shows my older daughter helping to make a “smörgåstårta” for her birthday party. As the picture has light colors and also the subject makes me think rosy thoughts I used soft and light colors in the page.


Little things can make a big difference for someone who’s not having a great day.There is nothing like the smell of new books. I love the smell of books and paper, I love what books have to say, I love the way books look 🙂


Layout – You Me Special

One of the things that I cherish most in my life is my friendship with this beautiful girl, so I celebrate it with this layout.


For me, appreciating the little things means to stop thinking about big, unattainable things and start doing and enjoying the small little details of life, such as a lovely breakfast or a walk in the woods. For my layout I have combined the 9th Wave collection with the Messy Head one. Lots of tiny details and elements, ink droplets and a contrasting colour combo are the main features of my page.



The rules are as simple as A, B, C:
– create any project about Appreciating the little things in life
– use at least one 7 Dots Studio product
– publish your project on you blog with a link to our challenge
– do not forget to include in your blog post our “inspirational circle” ( you will find it at the top of this blog post)
– use inlinkz and please link directly to your blog post, not to whole blog
Challenge is open till February, 19th midnight CET
We announce winners by the end of the February. One lucky person will win a 50 USD worth box with OUR NEW COLLECTIONS!!!
Have fun!
Tusia Lech