2015 is going to be interesting. After 2.5 years off teaching I am starting back at work part time. It isn’t just going “back to work” for me. It signals the end of an era. The last 9 years or so every time I went back to work I knew it was temporary as I was going to be off on maternity leave soon enough as we were planning more children. This time, I am going back knowing full well it is the last time I will be on maternity leave. Going back to my career now… Going back to a semi life “after” babies… So the title for my layout is Destination Unknown (same as the beautiful collection I used) because although it sounds quite straight forward it really is very much the “unknown” for me as it is the beginning of the next chapter. What will this year be like trying to balance qork and motherhood? How will I grow as a person, teacher and mother? How will the kids handle me being away? Where will this all lead me?



Materials Used:
Destination Unknown Paper – Night Sky
Destination Unknown Paper- Celestial
Destination Unknown Word Stickers 6×12
Destination Unknown Element Stickers 6×12
Destination Unknown Die Cuts Elements 6×12
Destination Unknown Clear Stamps