And so the story goes

The day of a girl’s wedding is really special. And it’s a day she will never forget. As she gets ready to meet her loved one, I think all her family past goes with her, to continue the circle of life. Memories of grandmothers, mothers and aunts escort her in her new adventure. It is surely a moving moment. She will do the same with her daughter one day… And so the story goes….

I have used the amazing “Cold Country” collection for this page. The small stickers with the old photos were ideal for it. And the colours, of course. I have done lots of layering and added my all-time favourite element, in many forms: glitter!


Products used:

Cold Country – Forgotten
Cold Country – Word Stickers 6×12
Cold Country – Die-Cut Elements 6×12
Cold Country – Element Stickers 6×12
Cold Country – Clear Stamps
Destination Unknown – Line Elements Mask

Hello 7 Dots Studio fans. Today I want to show You layout created with “Thoughts keeper” and “Soulmates” collections. I love their colours and I think that they match together perfectly. You can mix them easily, both papers and embellishments.

This time I used a little bit blurry photo of my daughter – Maja. It looks dreamy and etheral so I wanted to add some delicate background with flowers with a tiny mixed media touch.




7 Dots Studio products:
Thoughts keeper – Clear stamps
Thoughts keeper – Die-cut elements 6*12
Thoughts keeper – Pad 6*6
Thoughts keeper – Paper no3
Soulmates – Damask mask
Soulmates – Word stickers 6*12
Soulmates – Die-cut elements 6*12
Soulmates – Pad 6*6
All I ever – Chipboards