Upcoming spring inspired me to alter a little wooden chest of drawers. It turned out to be both handy and a bit romantic storage locker thanks to wonderful and versatile supplies from 7 Dots Studio. I hope that sunny days will bring you a bunch of creative ideas.


I used:

7 Dots Studio – Soulmates – Damask Mask
7 Dots Studio – Soulmates – Word Stickers 6×12
7 Dots Studio – Thoughts Keeper – Die-cut Elements 6×12
7 Dots Studio – Thoughts Keeper – Clear Stamps

Since I’ve became a mother I often forget that I am also a woman (in my head still a girl more than a woman 😉 ). And by being a woman I mean moments to take care of my apperance, take long relaxing bath, make my hair and make up to feel pretty. Just for a moment. To remember that I am always pretty even when I do not look pretty. Pretty is a state of mind. Pretty is believing at Yourself, it’s knowing that You can do anything You always wanted and every woman has her inner goddess hidden somewhere. Sometimes it’s easy to find her but sometimes You just need to take care of Yourself to help her get out.




7 Dots Studio products:
All I ever – Lazy afternoon
All I ever – Stickers 12*12
Illumination – Clear stamps 2
Illumination – Joy
Hopefully – Alpha Amuse me
All I ever – Mind full of hopes