Just fly
Inspired by the theme of the photo, I built my page on the beautiful stamps and the amazing tags of the Thoughts Keeper Collection. The layout talks about trusting in our wings to soar in the skies. We can’t fly unless we accept ourselves and count our blessings. What a liberating thought, to acknowledge everything we are given, trust it and move forward and upwards.
The music of this video belongs to Lindsey Sterling and her awesome violin skills. I hope you enjoy and get inspired by my tutorial! If there’s anything you would like to ask/comment/say concerning it, please feel free to contact me!




 Here is a video:

Products used:

Thoughts Keeper – no.2
Thoughts Keeper – Clear Stamps
Thoughts Keeper – Element Stickers 6×12
Thoughts Keeper – Word Stickers 6×12
Thoughts Keeper – Die-Cut Elements 6×12
Thoughts Keeper – Tags 12×12