Thank you for all applications you have sent – really, I didn’t expect to receive so many e-mails from you! I am so happy to know, that so many of you love 7 Dots Studio and would love to be our Guest Designers. Thank you for your support and for all positive vibrations, you have sent to me! You are amazing!!

As you know, I cannot have you all – each time, we have a DT call, I struggle to make an impossible choice. And I always have a feeling, that I wish our Design Team could be as big so you all could be our designers. Unfortunately this is impossible… So I had to make a choice. Before I will announce all lucky ladies, I would like one more time to say how much I am grateful for your support and how happy I am you love something, that was created from my passion – 7 Dots Studio. And please remember – if your name is not mentioned below, it means only that I cannot accept all the applications – you are all amazingly talented and please keep sharing your beautiful projects with all of us! And please apply in a year, when we will have another DT call! xxx

And now…. drums. Our Guest Designers for 2015-2016 are:


Huge congrats and I am happy I will have an opportunity to work with you 🙂