Cards by Ania Wiśniewska

Hello lovelies!
I suppose that we are all waiting for new collections impatiently
To make this hard time more enjoyable, I’ve created three mixed – media cards using our older collections. I’d like to show You how versatile they are, how easily is to mix them all and how unexpected effects can be obtained

Card no 1, “Thinking of You” – for those, who miss somebody…

I used:
Cold Country – Secret Diary
Cold Country – Lonely Evenings
Cold Country – Freezing Tears
Cold Country – Element Stickers 6×12
Thoughts Keeper – Clear Stamps

Card no 2, “Bon voyage” – for those, who are leaving for vacation by the sea

I used:
Destination Unknown – Celestial
Destination Unknown – Journey
Destination Unknown – pad 6×6
Destination Unknown – Clear Stamps
Destination Unknown – Word Stickers 6×12
Nature Walk – Musical Blooms

and chipboard and flair from UmWowStudio, corelated with 7 Dots Studio “Destination Unknown“:
Set Sail Flair
Mermaid Duo

Card no 3, “Try to find some color in this black and white word” – for all of us, because all of us need some color, fun and joy sometimes

I used:
Thoughts Keeper – no1
Thoughts Keeper – no2
Thoughts Keeper – no6
Thoughts Keeper – pad 6×6
Thoughts Keeper – Element Stickers 6×12
Thoughts Keeper – Clear Stamps
Nature Walk – Musical Blooms
Soulmates – Squares Mask

I know it for sure, that the new collections – “Verano Azul”, “Yuletide” and “Lost and Found” are as versatile as the previous ones, and many amazing, awesome and breathtaking projects will be created of them

I hope that my cards will encourage You to mix our collections – the newest, the older and the oldest ones
Have a wonderful day!