Layout tutorial by Anna Wiśniewska
Hello scrappy friends!
It’s Anna Wiśniewska today with a photo tutorial I’d like to present You how I’ve created a blue, summery mixed-media layout.

I make each project in a little different way. But there are some fixed points that I like very much and use in almost all my creations.



At the beggining of my work I gather supplies that I’m going to use.
Here we have the papers, stamps and tapes from 7 Dots Studio and chipboards, flairs and stencils from UmWow Studio.


I choose the background paper and then I crop the papers, the photo and the quotes that fit to my idea of the whole project.


In the first step I stick different tapes on the paper.
Then I put a thin layer of gesso on it and dry it with the heater. More patient persons can let it dry itself 😉
At the end I put a thicker layer of gesso through a stencil and again I dry it.
I often use an old bank card to put gesso on my project because it is wide enough to impose extensive layers and convenient to use.


I use mists to add some colors and mixed-media effects to the backgroud. Usually I splash two – three colors (separately of course) of mists on the background and spray it with the water. I dry it with the heater at the end. Each color separately.



I really LOVE this effect of mists splashed on the background and penetrating colors!



Only now I put another thick layer of gesso through another stencil.
Again – I dry it with the heater cause thanks to hot air gesso swells and I like it 🙂



You can’t find any flowers in my projects But there are so many other possibilities to decorate the layout 🙂
I like tags very much – this time I mix tags made of paper and chipboard.



Chipboards from UmWow Studio are thick and brown. To color them we have to use gesso at first and then our selected color. I use the same color of mist as I used for the background.



I made a compostion and stick all the layers – papers, tags and the photo – on the background.



I use “magic” glue and distance cubes to obtain different dimensions of the layers.
My other favourite embellishments are different stickers, word stickers and paper elements that you can find in every 7 Dots Studio collection. I also love the flairs – these from UmWow Studio are really exceptional 🙂



I use to stamp “from the hand”. I use acrylic block only for word stamps. Other stamps I use randomly around the photo.
Currently the stamps I use the most often are from Thoughts Keeper collection – they’re my favourites 🙂



White pen is my favourite one I outline the stickers, the edges of paper pieces and do some delicate doodling.

Splashing and finishing


I love to splash every liquid media that I know At first I splash mists around the photo.



And then I splash white acrylic paint. I also use it to stamp the circles on the background.


And at the very end I splash black ink and add some thread under the photo.
Some close-ups of the finished layout:




The list of 7 Dots Studio supplies that I used:

Verano Azul – Pureness
Verano Azul – pad 6×6
Verano Azul – Word Stickers 6×12
Verano Azul – Tags 12×12
Verano Azul – Element Stickers 6×12
Verano Azul – Die-cut Elements 6×12
Verano Azul – Clear Stamps

I hope that You’ll like my layout and find the tutorial useful 🙂
Have a nice day!
Anna Wiśniewska