Layout by Helen Tilbury

Hi everyone, Helen here with you today to share another layout created using the Lost & Found Collection. As you can see I am loving using it. The vintage look combined with the grungy colourways are just my thing!

This layout features a photo of my eldest son, who is very busy at the moment, studying business at university. Making art featuring him is a therapeutic way for me to process my feelings about missing him so much while he is away.

He is the kind of boy who likes to be very involved wherever he is so he is on the committee of the residence he lives (the student house) as well as being on the sports committee & playing soccer for the university too.

As a result he doesn’t have a lot of time left over to keep in touch with me as much as I would like J Here, my message to him, is that if he wants to get something out of relationships, it will be relative to what he puts in himself!

That is the significance of the numbers I have used. It means, if you do not put anything in, you cannot expect to reap any benefits. Though of course as his mother, I always love him, no matter what! But this is a message to him, to sometimes slow down & remember me!

That is why I have used clocks as a recurring theme throughout the page, to reinforce the concept of time. Kids never have enough time for the important things but always enough time for the things they want to do. I am trying to teach him about balance, & how to juggle all your responsibilities.

Priorities – what is important – and to remember to always make time for what matters most. As we get older, we realise of course that that is family, but for 20-somethings they are not quite there yet! Anyway I hope you enjoyed my layout.


7 Dots Products used:

Lost and Found – Collection Kit
Lost and Found – Stained
Lost and Found – Vignette
Lost and Found – Typewritter
Lost and Found – Element Stickers 6×12
Lost and Found – Elements 6×12
Lost and Found – Clear Stamps