Layout by Eirini Tsaima

​​Hello dear 7Dots fun and blogers!! Happy New Year to all! May this year bring Health, Peace, Happiness and Good Luck to every single one of you and your families

My name is Eirini Tsaima and i live in the sunny island of Crete in Greece.Mom of two kids, gym trainer in public school in the morning, loving discipline and order in things but …messy scrapper and mixed media lover in the evenings and nights.I found scrapbooking by accident looking for a wish book for my daughter’s christening and i found a hobby. Much later i came across with mixed media art and techniques and that was… A love at first sight.. I consider myself a beginner in this messy ,colourful and creative hobby worls, dreaming to become an inspiring artist.

Thank you 7Dots for the support and trust in my face and hope you enjoy my creations…Thank you Tusia for the kindness and trust but mostly the real love you gave me..A dream of mine came true today!!!Joined the most wonderful team ever!!

Today i want to share with you, my very first layout for 7 Dots inspired by the cold weather( at last…winter ) here in Greece.Snow all over the mountains and even close to the sea…So i couldn’t resist..

The new “Yuletide” collection is so beautiful,so i decided to work with it this time.Perfect colors,fantastic texture and contrasts.Love the grey and red pallete and the soft result that gives in my projects.After all it’s winter and fost…What else could i used??

7Dots products used

7 Dots Studio – Yuletide – Warm Cider
7 Dots Studio – Yuletide – Word Stickers 6×12
7 Dots Studio – Yuletide – Die-cut Elements 6×12
7 Dots Studio – Yuletide – Clear Stamps
7 Dots Studio – Verano Azul – Tags 12×12
7 Dots Studio – Yuletide – Element Stickers 6×12