The pieces of the puzzle

This family was rather odd: a Victorian patriarch, his dominated wife, pristine daughters, a lukewarm nephew and intrusive two-faced relatives. Their elegant house was a rather dishororable and claustrophobic place where every small talk was like a battle in the guise of respect and politeness.

Wonderful Cold Country collection is a neverending source of inspiration for me. I never get enough of these vintage portraits.

I used:

7 Dots Studio – Cold Country – Die-cut Elements 12×12
7 Dots Studio – Cold Country – Clear Stamps
7 Dots Studio – Lost and Found – Tags 12×12
7 Dots Studio – Lost and Found – Stained
7 Dots Studio – Dreamer – City Lights

UmWowStudio – Lost and Found – Measuring Tape Stencil

Have a nice day!