Card tutorial by Natalya Loi

Hello everyone!!! It’s Natalya here today to share with you a card I created using the gorgeous collection Verano Azul!

To create a card, we need two sheets of paper the size of 4 * 6 inches and little less – 3 1/2 * 5 1/2 inches.

Using a ruler we break a smaller sheet of paper into several pieces

Here is the result
Glue pieces of paper on a large sheet of paper. One piece of paper is put aside. We will use it later.
Add some accents using stamps

Sews pieces of paper around the perimeter using a sewing machine

On the front side of the card thread leave

On the back side of the card the thread we fix tape

In empty space add lace or cheesecloth.

Glue the remaining piece of paper on top

Also add some stamps

Perimeter stitching this part of paper on the sewing machine

Using some chipboards, embellishments, flowers and paper create a composition

Finally add colorful splashes

Glue it all on the cardstock base and the card is ready!

This is my last project for 7 DotsStudio  I hope you found something in this post to inspire you!
All the best to you and goodbye!