Victorian Notebook by Olga Siedlecka

I would like to deal with you with some tips on creating something girlish, sentimental and handy – a notebook with mixed media cover.

I started with preparing the center piece of my composition. I transferred a vintage picture onto a square of canvas thanks to gel medium and then chose both romantic and soft toned elements to the cover to be.
I glued down the transfer along with a few circles onto the background. Both the circles and the background had been cut out from the same sheet of paper.
I stamped the cover with handwritten and numeral patterns and also added some dots and stars.
I painted the chosen areas with copper, gold and rusty shades of acrylic paints. The outcome turned out to be messy and shimmering.

When everything was dry I used numeral and handwritten designs of stencils to add some dimention feeling to the composition. When using them I apllied a thick coat of modelling paste with a pallete knife. When the paste was dump I sprinkled it with shiny micro beads and let them stick to the paper.

I couln’t resist and added even more colours using pink and red crayons. As a final step I doodled a bit with a black fine liner and then splashed the whole with black india ink. When the work was finished I glued it down to the notebook and hid the fixing under a stripe of washi tape… and girlish journal was ready!

Supplies used:
7 Dots Studio – Nature Walk – Clear Stamps
7 Dots Studio – Cold Country – Clear Stamps
7 Dots Studio – Yuletide – Clear Stamps
7 Dots Studio – Lost and Found – Clear Stamps
7 Dots Studio – Dreamer – Sweet Dreams
UmWowStudio – Lost and Found – Measuring Tape Stencil

Have a creative and relaxing weekend!