Red and green by Riikka Kovasin

Hello there! It’s Riikka here sharing a couple layouts with you. The other one is in green shades and other one is red. Both of the pages are about me, a memory which I wanted to preserve and funnily enough both are connected to food!

The green page is about sushi. When this dish came popular in Finland, my acquaintance took me out for a taste. I was going for the sushi rolls, maki sushi, but she convinced me to try the nigiri instead. Salmon was ok, I managed the tuna fish but struggled so hard with prawn and especially octopus. So the first try wasn’t a delightful delicacy at all. I think I drank more water then than ever during a meal.

Years went by and I didn’t touch the stuff with a stick (ha, pun intended). But then my co-worker was thinking what to eat during a Sunday shift when the cafeteria isn’t open and decided to go for a sushi. She convinced me to try again, this time going for my original idea, maki sushi. And boy was that a different thing! I tasted the first one carefully and ended up gobbling up the rest as they were such a treat!

Thinking back that experiment I wanted to not only document my encounter with sushi but also the fact that you should follow your instincts.

The red page is instead a childhood memory. I’m not sure if it was my mother who told this to my kids or me, but they love to quote the subject and often ask me “Mommy, do you remember the time you washed a doughnut?”

My grandmother was a splendid cook. She outdid herself every holiday creating a lovely meal for the whole family. One of her specialties were cinnamon doughnuts she did during May Day time. I loved those so much – especially when they were fresh, but hated how the sugar on top always made my fingers sticky. As I needed to wash my fingers constantly, I tried a different approach once and took my doughnut to the sink and washed it under running water. Funnily it didn’t taste that good after the wash.

As the moment is something even my kids now quote and re-tell, I thought that it deserved to have a layout as well. I mixed some collections together and made up a page to celebrate not only the doughnut but also in a way my grandmother.

Thank you for stopping by today! See you soon again!

Materials from 7 Dots Studio:
Homegrown – Snicker
Lost and Found – Lab Notes
Lost and Found – Sticky Notes
Lost and Found – 6×6 Pad
Yuletide – 6×6 Pad
Domestic Goddess – 12th Teacup
Hopefully – Love Me
Homegrown – Clear Stamps
Homegrown – Flower Stencil
Homegrown – Word Stickers 6×12
Lost and Found – Word Stickers 6×12
Homegrown – Element Stickers 6×12
Hopefully – Element Stickers 6×12
Soulmates – Die Cut Elements 6×12
Um Wow Studio: Fortune-teller – Wheelie Mask
Um Wow Studio: Homegrown – 3 for 25 Flairs