Mono Prinitng Layout Backgrounds – tutorial by Louise

 Mono Prinitng Layout Backgrounds

For today blog post I would like to share a simple way to created block colour printing to coordinate with your background patterned paper to give your layout that lil extra personal touch.

Gel Printing plate
7 Dots Studio patterned paper [2-3 sheets] Gesso or Acrylic paint [to coordinate with patterned paper] Brayers
Wet Wipes
Spatula or spoon

Step – by – Step

Begin by selecting your choice of 7 Dots Studio patterned paper 2-3 sheets. I have cropped mine to suit A4 size layouts.

Using a spoon or spatula measure out a small dollop of black gesso onto the lower half of the gel printing plate.

Using one of the brayers roll out the gesso as depicted above.


Repeat the same process using white gesso on the top half of the printing plate.

From this photo you can see that I have applied the gesso quite thick and that the brayer has left ridges in the gesso. This is deliberate as it creates wonderful visual texture in the printed pattern.

Using the same brayer that you have used to roll out the white gesso, continue roll gently down wards until you blend gently the white gesso with the black gesso.

Take a sheet of the patterned paper and lay it over the printing plate and gently rub the back of the sheet of paper to ensure transfer of paint from plate to paper. Don’t press to hard, be gentle.

This is my first print.

Using the second sheet of patterned paper repeat this process but this time rub the back of the paper more firmly to ensure that the remainder of the paint on the plate is transferred onto the patterned paper.

If there is residual paint left on the brayers roll it off on to the gel printing plate and use a third sheet of patterned paper create one last print.

Allow the paint to dry and then create your layout as desired.

I hope you enjoyed this short and easy printing technique, I have completed 3 layouts using the printed patterned paper you see in these photos, to share with you.

Materials list:
7 Dots Studio

12 x 12 patterned paper – Cold Country As it was Before
6 x 12 Word Stickers Verano Azul
6 x 12 Word Stickers Destination Unknown
12 x 12 Tags Homegrown
12 x 12 Tags Fortune-Teller
6 x 12 Elements Die-cuts Fortune-Teller


Cardstock black
Prima Marketing; Gesso black and white, SIIC, Micro beads
Tattered Angels Chalkboard Glimmer Mist
Ranger Distress Spray mist
Cotton Thread