Guest Designer – Irina Teeshoom

Hello, My name is Irina Teeshoom. Sometimes I’m a big introvert, but sometimes I’m a crazy laughter. Venturesome scrapbooker with a free and crazy style. Scrapbooking for me is an art therapy and the way to express and find myself in everyday routine. It’s just enough for me to have some papers and paints to engage myself into my favourite meditative hobby.

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7 Dots Studio products always inspire me to try something mixed media but keep my style at the same time.
The winter is coming. Our winter came much sooner this year. It’s all covered with snow and it looks like winter holidays are somewhere around. It really feels like New Year spirit is here. So I decided to make some holiday layouts.
First one is about holiday deer that brings us the holiday mood. He has come from a fairytale or a child’s dream.
The second layout is about Winter Whale, who is in the colours of Christmas tree. I put some flowers on his back to decorate him and make him look really holiday looking.
Both pages have child’s dreams about holiday spirit in common.

7 Dots Studio supplies:
7 Dots Studio – Verano Azul – Dream
7 Dots Studio – Verano Azul – Dazzle Me
7 Dots Studio – Yuletide – Chestnuts
7 Dots Studio – Yuletide – Elk Head Mask

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