Follow the wind by Sanderijn de Bruin

Hi everybody,
I have made an art journal page this time for you. I have severe trouble with art journalling, and intend to not do them at all…So as you can see, my page actually looks like a mini scrapbook layout. Ah well, I think I love it anyway.

Birds need to fly. They are meant to fly. Why else would God give them wings? So they definitely don’t belong in cages. The picture from the Lost & Found collection of the birdcage is one I love, because it has no bird in it. So I found the perfect match using my flying birds stencil and this birdcage, to create a page. Do You see the birds flying around the center piece of the page? I loved creating them in that composition. They fly to the sky, around the cage, to follow the wind…

Love, Sanderijn

7 Dots Studio supplies:
Lost and Found – 6 x 6 pad
Lost and Found – 213
Lost and Found – Sticky notes
Fortune-teller – Word stickers 6 x 12
Homegrown – Clear stamps