Hi to all  visitors  – let me start this post with the best, the warmest New Year’s wishes for all of you – from me and all our staff:  we wish you a wonderful year, full of joy, great plans and time for their realisation,  happiness, love and all your dreams coming true! We hope this year will be positive, exciting experience for all of us!

Today I’d like to tell you some abou the things that are inspiring for me,  making possible to create new project even if I am a bit down, unmotivated or sad. This is something which gives me energy every time! I want to invite you to visit My Studio today – I will share  one of my secrets with you 🙂

So, what is inspiring for me?
I think you won’t be surprised if I’ll say that I love old, vintage, used things: they may be pretty or ugly everyday things,trinkets, jewelry, old photographs … but also parts of various machines and devices.
I have the nature of the collector and all these little things I find are put into boxes of shapes and sizes for later usage in one of my projects.
I hunt for the treasures by myself, on the flea markets or looking through the family supplies. Part of them I get from friends who know about my passion and share with me their collections – or they store some unnecessary objects for me and we exchange our goods to make our stash bigger. I think all of my family was already robbed from the unused small embellies, metal elements and books. But, that’s the way it is i f you are a collector!

What can we use, then? Maybe some old, fake jewellery? Of course!

Or maybe some old books, vintage paper or letters? Yes please!

Lace maybe? doilies and old window curtains?

or maybe just metal objects, which you can find left behind in the old attics or basements?

All of this flea market findings can be a great start and inspiration for the creative process – you can find there lots on nice shapes, textures, intriguing details you’d like to highlit or expose. I strongly believe that in my “rubbish” there is a lot of hidden potential nad beauty, which is not visible from the first sight.
I’m fascinated with clocks and watches for a long time…. I  dream about having a big clock at home, with all of its mechanisms visible, possible for me to watch while it’s working…

And how does it work with a real creative activity?
Most of the times it is enough for me to open one of my “treasure boxes” and put it on my table, in front of me. Soon I start looking throuh the stuff, finding the most interesting bits… they find their own ways to go on the layout or collage. I mix the “proffesional” scrapbooking supllies with found, plane everyday objects : buttons taken from the shirt, labels, game tiles, tokens, buckles or fasteners: all of them and more will work, if you seet he hidden potential thy have!

The layout below was made in the “mixed” technique I’ve just mentioned: it is more-less fifty-fifty. A half  of the embellishments here are “branded” supplies and half are household or flea market objects from my collection. The paper I used is ” Dreamer” collection, which I made for 7 Dots Studio.

You can find so many different stuff here: staples, pins and clips, old buttons, labels, crystals, paper doilies and old laces as well as ” branded” things as Prima flowers, 7 Gypsies chipboadr letters and Dusty attic Chipboards… yes, I mix different brands on one page too – the final result is the most important thing, right?

What is the most important: I reall yah great fun durnig the creative process. Adding all the small bits simply makes me happy and relaxed. I wish you the same – from the bottom of my heart!

Supplies – 7 Dots Studio:
– Dreamer collection – Daydreaming
– Dreamer collection –  Sweet Dreams

I hope visiting my Studio has given you some ideas and inspired you a bit  for the New Year which is starting now.
I send you my best wishes