Same materials – two styles by Riikka Kovasin

Hello again there! It’s Riikka here today sharing two pages made from the same papers and embellishments but with different in style. One is more modern while the other is more romantic. I always try to somehow link my two creations in the same post, whether by theme, paper, collection, colours or a certain detail. This time it was all about the paper. First I thought about using the same background paper, but while working with the two pages I came to the conclusion that using most of the same materials would be even better.

The first page is done with a more modern, contemporary touch. I placed the background paper sideways that the colour is changing from turquoise to soft peach in the direction of the arrow. To have a pop feeling to the page I used the speech bubble chippie, hexagon print and the letter stencil in the page. The layers behind the photo include some pieces of patterned papers as well as tags. To give the page some contrast, I chose to go with a dark, almost black, flair.

The topic of the page are fun pencils I bought at the local zoo. In their ends, where there’s the black bit, there are seeds. So when the pencil is so short you can’t write with it any more, you can plant it! I thought it was a brilliant idea! So I bought two – marigold and forget-me-not.

The other page is about three growing ladies – my two girls and my father’s dog. My older one just turned 8, my younger one is soon to be 7 and the dog just turned 2. In the photo they all seems so little and now they are so much bigger even if the photo is less than a year old!

I wanted this page to be more sweet and romantic than the previous one. Here I used the background paper normally and the twine I used as a design element sort of divides it to turquoise and soft peach sections. I used a speech bubble chippie in this page, too, as well as the letter stencil. The previous one is peeking behind the flowers on the right side of the photo and the latter I used to write the title.

Thank you so much for your visit today! Wishing you a lovely day!
Xoxo Riikka

7 Dots Studio supplies:
Cotton Candy Dreams – Sugar Haze
Cotton Candy Dreams – Tags 12×12
Cotton Candy Dreams – Pad 6×6
Writer’s Block – Chipboard
Homegrown – Snicker
Cotton Candy Dreams – Word Stickers 6×12
Writer’s Block – Letter Stencil
Soulmates – Squares Mask
Homegrown – Clear stamps