Paper Dolls by Louise Nelson

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Today I would like to share with you a quick little step out on how I create my Paper Dolls’ I love creating these little paper dolls, mostly just for creative fun, but I have used them on my scrapbooking layouts and art journal pages.

First begin by hand drawing the basic shape and facial features of your paper doll on the water colour paper with the gel pen.

Using scraps of paper mask out the areas of the arms and the legs [this is to prevent the stamped image from being stamped on the arms and legs.

Select your favourite patterned 7 Dots Studio Cling stamp and proceed to stamp a patterned image on the clothing portion of your hand drawn doll. It doesn’t matter if it goes over the outline of the clothing as they will be cut out.

Below are 2 images of the 2nd and 3rd paper doll image before being coloured. I just loved using the paint splatter stamp on the 2nd dolls overalls, as it just looks like they are covered in paint splatters.

Next is the fun part. Select your paints or markers of choice, [I used water colour paints] and ‘colour in’ your paper dolls to suit your taste. I used a medium sized soft bristle mop brush for the body and a small detail brush for the face and hair. Allow to dry.

When these are dry proceed on to cutting out your paper dolls.

And these a are just a couple of close up images so you can see how I detailed the faces and clothing with the colouring in.

Cheers for now and I do hope you enjoyed this quick little step out 🙂 xox.


7 Dots Studio supplies:
Homegrown – Clear Stamps
Lost and Found – Clear Stamps
Cotton Candy Dreams – Clear Stamps